on why I shop men's products, who I think is worth noting; plus where to get them.

I like elegant things.

In that short, sweet sentence lies my main frustration with a lot of products us ladies have to suffer through in our search of what we like and those products we don't.

would you just LOOK at that stunning boar bristle brush? Is that beautiful grain olive wood? you bet your sweet ass it is!  Also featured: my favourite face mask from NIOD.

would you just LOOK at that stunning boar bristle brush? Is that beautiful grain olive wood? you bet your sweet ass it is!

Also featured: my favourite face mask from NIOD.

Enter: pink. 

God, how I do hate pink. Unless what I am specifically searching for, is this colour (mostly lip products, because WHAT else needs this), I expect and like my stuff to come in some sort of toned out, elegant, and most importantly, easy to incorporate into my decor, colour. It doesn't have to be all grey, white or charcoal, but I take the time to deck out my house with some nice stuff, and a hot pink shower gel that's watermelon scented does NOT vibe and will not be welcome into my bathroom, no matter what ingredients it boasts. 

I do look at the bloody ingredients. 

My theory is, if I have to sped a little more now, on a product that wont over time, damage and destroy my skin/hair/what have you, then I will invest. 

But I digress. Finding stuff that worked well and pleased me took effort and sometimes was downright impossible to find. 

Until that is, I one day discovered that I did not need to restrain myself with gendered products, and  being into the more masculine look anyway, it struck me how stupid I have been. No more searching through Sephora to find that product that doesn't look like its been through the cartoon world of Barney, or pink or purple, or pink AND purple. I had a whole world open up to me, a world of nice wood grains, gentle, toned down jewel colours. Because boys.


Now, I do hate with a fiery passion, the fragile masculinity and the fact that products now don't have to be, but ARE specifically manned up to be able to sell say, a face cream, it's stupid and useless for the consumer whichever way we slice it. But LADIES! You too now, can cash in on the fragile male ego! And if you're a gal who at the sight of a pink toothbrush wants to set the drug store aflame, then join the coven and grab you some of that manly stuff.                        

It'll probably be cheaper too. 

On that note, here are three (There are so many more) fantastic companies and products that I love, and nope, no one is paying me to talk about them. I really do just love them, enjoy browsing through good quality that impresses, and makes me feel like the hard work I put in and buy stuff with, is actually not being wasted away. 

So without further ado, my latest find is the website FENDRIHAN  I discovered a whole bunch of goodies. As they have an array of luxury brands and if you have the misfortune of shopping online in Canada, you know what  pain that in itself is. I got my brush and facial scrub cloth (who needs to buy a facial scrub. Get yourself a good, gentle soap and go ham!) in a few days, and I'm obsessed with the quality and service. You get points, you get good stuff and you feel good about it. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I love DECIEM, I have an entire lineup of their products and I use them religiously. I will talk your ear off about them at the mere mention of skin care, and if you need a list of ingredients, your girl got you too.                                                                        

I love the simple layouts, the myriad of information on each product, and the prices that aren't reflected as they are by big luxury brand names. It's simple, it's clean, it doesn't bother with gendered bullshit, and it makes sense. 

Ive also recently discovered an organic brand, crate61 whose soaps I can't praise enough. One, no EDTA (they're organic). Two, the blends and scents are amazing! I've hunted long enough for the soap that doesn't make me cringe when I look at the ingredients list, and I have found one I can be happy with. 

Last but definitely not least, the company that I have been a part of for years now: dollarshaveclub. These guys know where it's at with razors. I haven't had to go not a store and hunt stuff down in years, I have stuff set up in a way that I get biweekly razor heads, so I NEVER have to think and wonder if I've forgotten something, I never have to shave with a dull razor, they look nice enough and most importantly, they're incredibly cheap compared to store brands. Give me higher quality and better prices any day! That link below? if your friend signs up with your link you get a free month of razors! So let’s get ourselves all some free razors, and they won’t be pink.