editing & writing


editing & writing

from 40.00

writing aid - I’ll work with you via phone or email to help you get your writing to a professional, presentable place. Whether these are technical or creative questions and work, idea building from thesis to completion.

simply editing - You send me a finished project that you need a thorough looking over. In depth analysis and editing provided.

resume - Send me a resume you want to have polished and looked over for wording, content, grammar and direction.

cover letter - Whether this is a generic one size fits all or a tailored piece, I will help you catch the eye of your next employer.

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Whether you need help with crafting the perfect piece of work or you are looking for some professional help in editing a piece of writing such as essays, portfolios, resumes or cover letters, I can work with you to help and aid in this stressful process.

Feel free to email for any inquiries before purchase, I’ll work with you to direct you to what you need.